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How to Play Laser Tag

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To play the game of laser tag, players wear a lightweight high-tech interactive computerized vest with an detachable phaser.
The object of the game is to score as many points as possible by zapping the other players on their sensors.

Games can be played:

• Solo Missions (Everyone Against Everyone)
• Team Missions – Up to 20 Players Per Game with 2 to 4 Teams.

Missions Takes About 10-15 Minutes and Include:

• Game Briefing
• Vesting
• Mission
• Scorecard Results

Why We Are Here

Owner of Funholics relocated with family from UK in 2013 to Lahore and to their surprise there was hardly any indoor high end activity in Lahore to entertain the whole family. There were many complaints about being lack of entertainment options for young adults and families in the city.

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