Why We Are Here

Owner of Funholics relocated with family from UK in 2013 to Lahore and to their surprise there was hardly any indoor high end activity in Lahore to entertain the whole family. There were many complaints about being lack of entertainment options for young adults and families in the city.

Eating out still represents the obvious choice for entertainment but there is always the “Ab kia kare, kaha jai?” question that echoes after the meal. It’s too early to go home and unfortunately the debate about ‘what next’ rarely moves beyond Dessert or Coffee options. The thought of why there aren’t more regular indoor entertainment options in our city has been bothersome for the owner for a while so instead of investing in real estate , she decided to form a brand for.

So we did our research and came up with the idea of having a safe, fun and physically challenging digital entertainment for the youth, families and corporates for the Zinda Dilaan-e-Lahore.

Funholics Laser Tag loves hopes to meet your expectations.